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Cats iron mesh filter FSY-F
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  • Cast iron mesh filter FSY-F is a pipeline valve intended for water filtration and impurity disengagement.

    - Nominal diameter: DN15-200 mm;

    - Pressure: PN 16;

    - Maximum working temperature:+150 ºС;

    - Connection type: flanged;

    - Filter body material: cast iron;

    - Application: safety valves.

    Operating principle of mesh filter is rather simple:

    - there are inlet and outlet of the filter,

    - installed inside metal mesh stops solid particles, in case they exist in passing through water,

    - filter mesh size shows the size of particles, which would be stopped and which would be able to pass through,

    - wide-meshed nets are commonly used for mud collection, if passing through water is dirty,

    - meshes of 0,8 and 1,2 mm are intended for blocking conspicuous particles and impurities,

    - fine mesh is not applied for systems with muddy waters as it gets dirty very fast and becomes useless,

    - mesh filters are intended for installation in pipelines before regulating valves, pumps and other devices with strict requirements to the cleanliness of the passing through water in order to eliminate solid particles and dirt as well as to protect equipment from damage caused by solid mud intrusion.


    - water supply systems,

    - heating systems,

    - ventilation systems,

    - conditioning systems,

    - pumping stations.


  • ArticleProduct name
    61116015Фильтр сетчатый чугунный FSY-F DN 15
    61116020Фильтр сетчатый чугунный FSY-F DN 20
    61116025 Фильтр сетчатый чугунный FSY-F DN 25
    61116032Фильтр сетчатый чугунный FSY-F DN 32
    61116040Фильтр сетчатый чугунный FSY-F DN 40
    61116050Фильтр сетчатый чугунный FSY-F DN 50
    61116065Фильтр сетчатый чугунный FSY-F DN 65
    61116080Фильтр сетчатый чугунный FSY-F DN 80
    61116100Фильтр сетчатый чугунный FSY-F DN 100
    61116125Фильтр сетчатый чугунный FSY-F DN 125
    61116150Фильтр сетчатый чугунный FSY-F DN 150
    61116200Фильтр сетчатый чугунный FSY-F DN 200

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