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HDPE Blackpipe
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  • Water supply pipe Black Pipe PN 12,5 is intended for pipeline systems transporting domestic potable drinking water, where water temperature varies from 0 to 40 °С with maximum allowable working pressure of 12,5 Mpa. These pipes could be applied in exterior piping, pressure sewage and technical pipeline systems.

    Water supply Black Pipes HDPE 100 allow laying water supply pipelines in aggressive environment, they are corrosion resistant. Their service lifetime amounts to 50 years.

    When you are using РЗВУ (polyethylene) pipes, there is no need in obligatory welding. In order to connect pipes you could use press fittings, which prevent system from moisture ingress into the pipe.

    Technical characteristics:

    - PN 12,5;
    - T max 40 °C;

    Application field:

    - Cold water supply systems;

    - Technical pipelines.

  • ArticleDimensions D, mmQuantity per packVolume, m3Tare weight, kg
    141020120x2.0100 m0.1112.00
    141020220х2.0200 m0.2324.00
    141025125x2.0100 m0.2914.80
    141025225х2.0200 m0.3029.60
    141032132х2.4100 m0.2423.00
    141032232х2.4200 m0.3946.00
    141040140x3,0100 m0.4436.00

  • Технические характеристики:
    - PN 12,5;
    - T max 40 °C;


    - Холодное водоснабжение 
    - Технические трубороводы.






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