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GCP 50
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  • Submersible sewage pumps GCP 50 with cutting device are intended for pumping domestic sewage and waste water from sewage wells and they also could be used as a part of sewage pumping stations.

    Technical characteristics:

    - Power supply: 1x230 М/ 3x400 V, 50 Hz;

    - Capacity (delivery rate) – up to 21 m3/h;

    - Total Dynamic Head – up to 24 m;

    - Temperature of pumping liquid: +40°С;

    - Maximum immersion 5 m;

    - Electric motor cable: 10m;

    - Inbuilt float switch;

    - Inbuilt thermo switch in stator winding;

    - Single-phase electric motor with inbuilt capacitor;

    - Protection grade: IP68;

    - Class of winding insulation: F (+155°С).

    Pump construction:

    - Submersible pump is suitable for fully automatic work in portable and steady conditions;

    - Pump is equipped with cutting device;

    - Pump set is completed with inbuilt float switch;

    - In case of portable usage it is necessary to connect a hose of corresponding length to the pump delivery pipe, if you use pump in steady conditions – connect flanged connection to pipeline via autocoupling socket;

    - Pump delivery pipe has DN50 flanged connection;

    - Pump body is manufactured of ductile iron;

    - All the pumps of this series are delivered in complete set with flanged bend 90° necessary for hose connection.


    - pumping of drain water, which could not drift to sewage,

    - withdrawal of sanitary waste water,

    - discharge from dump wells and sumps,


    - as a part of sewage pumping stations.


  • ArticleProduct name
    75132109GCP (DN 50, 1.3 кВт, 1*230 В) с поплавковым выключателем
    75192110GCP (DN 50, 1.85 кВт, 1*230 В) с поплавковым выключателем
    75112111GCP (DN 50, 1.1 кВт, 1*230 В) с поплавковым выключателем
    75152114GCP (DN 50, 1.5 кВт, 1*230 В) с поплавковым выключателем




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