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Thermostabilized pipe with fiberglass laer ClimatFaser SDR 7,4; SDR 9 (PN22)
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  • ClimatFaser – innovative generation of multilayer thermostabilized polypropylene pipes suitable for  heating and water supply systems It allows to use in utility systems pipes of smaller diameters due to higher flow capacity:

    - flow capacity is higher – up to 40%;

    - weight is lower – up fo 35%.

    Multilayer pressure polypropylene pipe ClimatFaser S3,2(SDR 7,4); S 4 (SDR9)PN22 reinforced with fiberglass layer is suitable for systems of hot water supply and heating (with heat mediumtemperature of not more than +95°C).

    For the production of ClimatFaser pipe we use pioneering works of Heisskraft company involving the use of PP-RCT Type 4 raw material from  Basell - one of the major material manufacturer.

    This kind of pipe is intended to be used in multistorey housings.In accordance with technical conditions this pipe is marked PN22. Inner and outer pipe layers are manufactured of thermostabilized polypropylene. Middle layer is produced of thermostabilized polypropylene compounded with fiberglass withoutcolourants. Compoud recipe has been developed specially for Heisskraft company. During production layers of ClimatFaser pipes are overlaying one on another at the same time, this fact eliminates a possibility of pipe splitting and decomposition during exploitation. Thispipe remains stable and retains its technical characteristics under longterm action at high temperatures (+95°C – continuous action during 5 years).

    Linear expansion ratio of ClimatFaser pipe amounts to 0,04mm/m °С (most closely approximate to the same parameter of KraftStabi pipes with Aluminium layer).

    There is NO need to peel off ClimatFaser pipes!

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  • Technical characteristics:

    - PN22;

    - T max 95°C;

    - SDR 7,4 (в 20-25 mm), SDR 9 (В 32-110);

    - a-0,04 mm/m·°C.

    Application field (area):

    - Cold water supply;

    - Hot water supply;

    - Heating;

    - Conditioning;

    - Technical pipelines.


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