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Hook with dowel
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    Specially developed plastic hook with dowel serves for fixation of pipes from 10 to 32 mm in diameter to the base sheets and heat insulation, it provides an opportunity to fasten pipelines laid in protection casing on the floor concrete base. It is made of impact-resistant polymer in the shape of solid full-bodied dowel with one pressing wing. It is suitable for all the pipe types used for floor heating.


    There are two sizes:

    - Hook with dowel (8*80 mm),

    - Long hook with dowel (8*110 mm).


  • ArticleDimensions D, mmQuantity per package, mВес,кгVolume, m3Tare weight, kgQuantity per pack

  • Technical characteristics

    Material –  impact-resistant polymer

    Application field

    Hook with dowel is installed above the pipe and it safely fastens position of floor heating outlines. It should be knocked in the holes of 8 mm in the floor concrete base to the depth of 40-70 mm and should be used along the whole pipeline, especially in the turning places. Distance between points of pipe fastenings usually amounts to 1 meter.


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