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Fixation busbar for pipes
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  • Backplane fixation bus or busbar (track for floor heating) is designed for a safe fastening of plastic pipes from possible movements during screed filling of floor heating.

    Installation of floor heating has become much easier due to pipe fastening technology with the use of fixation busbars, it has also led to decrease of required time and cost of effected works.

    Busbars could be implemented for different types of pipes with outer diameter from 16 to 20 mm. Length of one busbar segment amounts to 500 mm. Safe fixation of busbar segments among themselves is ensured with latch mechanism. Rather small length of a segment is very convenient for its transportation, it also provides an opportunity to decrease volume of waste (not used cut parts) and as a result to reduce financial expenses. It perfectly suits the montage of both small sectors of heated floors and significant industrial sites. Relatively large width of busbar segment (50 mm) and its unique fastening construction safely keep the pipe in the busbar and lock its direction.

    Fixation busbars are made of high quality plastic material and have common holes for their connection to heat insulation.




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  • Technical characteristics

    Material – compounded polypropylene

    Application field

    Floor heating pipes of 14/16/17/20 mm in diameter should be installed with the help of busbars by their fixation to the heat insulation base with spear-clamps or to concrete base, boards, plywood or any other base with dowels or other fasteners.

    Approximate consumption of busbars amounts to 5 pieces per 1 square meter.

    From both sides of the item you could find corresponding latches for fastening of tracks between themselves.

    Minimal distance of pipe laying is 50 mm.

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