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Swing lock for pipe
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    Swing lock is intended for keeping pipe shape curved at an angle of 90°, especially in the places of connection to the manifold cabinet, radiator, convector heater and other sanitary appliances. Products are manufactured of special plastic and safely protect pipe from breaking, crooking and visible external damages during heated floor cement screed filling. Swing locks are suitable for all the pipe types made of plastic and plastic reinforced with metal of 14-20 mm in diameter.

    Swing lock is a guideway for pipes, which creates a curving radius and protects pipes from mechanical damage.


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  • Technical characteristics

     Material – special plastic developed for serious mechanical stress (loadings).

    Application field

    Swing locks are used during installation of heating systems, cold and hot water supply as well as floor heating pipelines and other engineering systems, as a solution of pipeline fixation problem.

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