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Threaded balancing valve BVL-T
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  • Manual threaded balancing valve is a pipeline valve intended for regulation and control of flow passage in order to pass necessary flow of liquid.

    - Nominal diameter: DN ½- 2'' ;

    - Pressure: PN 25;

    - Maximum working temperature:+115 ºС;

    - Connection type: threaded;

    - Filter body material: bronze;

    - Application: control valves.

    Manual balancing valve is used for limiting control of liquid flow through reduction or increase of conveyance capacity. Manual balancing valve operating principle is based on the flow passage alteration through the work of valve spindle and saddle. With the help of adjusting handle you could move valve spindle, which will close or open the flow passage. Alteration of the flow passage influences valve water flow resistance and leads to the change of balancing valve flow capacity (Kv). Complete flow closure with balancing valve is effected with the help of PTFE sealing placed between the gate and the saddle. Valve connection to the pipeline is flanged. Inbuilt diaphragm (membrane) changes differential pressure and ensures the following rate of settings accuracy: Kvs +/-1,5%.


    This type of valves is used for hydraulic balancing (for regulation of hydraulic resistance) in:

    - heating systems,

    - heat supply systems,

    - cold supply systems,

    - hot water supply systems.

  • ArticleProduct name
    71225012Клапан балансировочный муфтовый BVL-T DN 15, Kvs=2.2 м3/ч, вр 1/2
    71225034Клапан балансировочный муфтовый BVL-T DN 20, Kvs=4.6 м3/ч, вр 3/4
    71225100Клапан балансировочный муфтовый BVL-T DN 25, Kvs=8.5 м3/ч, вр 1
    71225114Клапан балансировочный муфтовый BVL-T DN 32, Kvs=16.7 м3/ч, вр 1 1/4
    71225112Клапан балансировочный муфтовый BVL-T DN 40, Kvs=26.1 м3/ч, вр1 1/2
    71225200Клапан балансировочный муфтовый BVL-T DN 50, Kvs=43.2 м3/ч, вр 2


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