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GCP 40
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  • Submersible sewage pumps GCP 40 with cutting device are intended for pumping domestic sewage and waste water from sewage wells and they also could be used as a part of sewage pumping stations.


    Technical characteristics:

    - Power supply: 1x230 М/ 3x400 V, 50 Hz;

    - Capacity (delivery rate) – up to 21 m3/h;

    - Total Dynamic Head – up to 45 m;

    - Temperature of pumping liquid: +40°С;

    - Maximum immersion 5 m;

    - Electric motor cable: 10m;

    - Inbuilt thermo switch in stator winding;

    - Single-phase electric motor with inbuilt capacitor;

    - Protection grade: IP68;

    - Class of winding insulation: F (+155°С).

    Pump construction:

    - Leak proof cable gland with polyurethane filling and stainless steel connector prevents electric motor from water entry;

    - Dense design with short shaft with outer bearings ensures reduced load on bearings hence long lasting performance;

    - Supports on pump casing provide additional protection of cutting device;

    - Pump delivery pipe has DN40 flanged connection;

    - Unique systems of clamp connection provides an opportunity of fast and easy pump dismantling without special tools usage;

    - Electric motor casing could be turned through 180 degrees;

    - Correct pump positioning during its lifting and stationary installation is ensured by special lifting handles;

    - Patented system of cutting mechanism guarantees high efficiency and safe work of the pump;

    - Fast and easy pump dismantling necessary for parts renewal does not require special tools;

    - Patented system of impeller gap balancing provides an opportunity to manage slit gapping in order to maintain maximum output, this regulation could be effected without pump dismantling and without special tools using;

    - All the pumps of this series are delivered in complete set with flanged bend 90° necessary for hose connection.


    - pumping of drain water, which could not drift to sewage,

    - withdrawal of sanitary waste water,

    - discharge from dump wells and sumps,


    - as a part of sewage pumping stations. 


  • ArticleProduct name
    71092101GCP (DN 40, 0.9 кВт, 1*230 В) кабель 10 м
    71092302GCP (DN 40, 0.9 кВт, 3*400 В) кабель 10 м
    71122103GCP (DN 40, 1.2 кВт, 1*230 В) кабель 10 м
    71122304GCP (DN 40, 1.2 кВт, 3*400 В) кабель 10 м
    71152305GCP (DN 40, 1.5 кВт, 3*400 В) кабель 10 м
    71262306GCP (DN 40, 2.6 кВт, 3*400 В) кабель 10 м
    71312307GCP (DN 40, 3.1 кВт, 3*400 В) кабель 10 м
    71402308GCP (DN 40, 4.0 кВт, 3*400 В) кабель 10 м

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