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Butterfly valve BWG-H
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  • Wafer type butterfly valve BWG-H is pipeline valve with a disk shaped stopping and regulating element. This element could turn around its axle, which is perpendicular to or at an angle with the working media flow direction.

    - Nominal diameter: DN 32-300 mm;

    - Pressure: PN 16;

    - Maximum working temperature:+115 ºС;

    - Connection type: wafer;

    - Valve body material: cast iron GG25;

    - Sealing material: EPDM;

    - Application: shut-off and control valves;

    - All the valve parts are changeable (including disks, axles, saddle sealings) and it helps to reduce maintenance costs;

    - Splined joint of stem with disk ensures: safe connection of these parts, safe torque transfer, low level of wear and tear comparing with other types of stem and disk connections;

    - Self-centering disk provides high level of leak resistance in closed position and decreases wear of saddle sealing.


    BWG-H butterfly valve could be used as a stop valve or for liquid throttling in water supply, heating, ventilation and conditioning systems. Depending on the materials used for butterfly valve production, it could be used in different systems transporting drinking, technical or salt (sea) water, nutritive and dry products, gazes, oils, petrochemicals, aggressive and abrasive media in a wide range of temperature and pressure modes.


  • ArticleProduct name
    41116040Затвор дисковый поворотный BWG-H DN 32/40
    41116050Затвор дисковый поворотный BWG-H DN 50
    41116065Затвор дисковый поворотный BWG-H DN 65
    41116080Затвор дисковый поворотный BWG-H DN 80
    41116100Затвор дисковый поворотный BWG-H DN 100
    41116125Затвор дисковый поворотный BWG-H DN 125
    41116150Затвор дисковый поворотный BWG-H DN 150
    41116200Затвор дисковый поворотный BWG-H DN 200
    41116250Затвор дисковый поворотный BWG-H DN 250
    41116300Затвор дисковый поворотный BWG-H DN 300


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